Environmental concern is an integral part of the business management and organizational culture of the P&P Group.

Environmentally responsible behavior is incorporated into its daily operations, even though P&P Group activity does not have a major impact on the environment. The P&P Group has adopted the environmental management system of ISO 14001: 2015 .

The P&P Group seeks to minimize the negative effects its products and services might have on the local environment and give special attention to non-renewable resources. Protecting the environment includes preserving natural resources through re-use, recycling, waste processing and reduction of all types of waste and emissions particularly if they are hazardous.

In 2018 we made a 12M euro investment into renewable resources, building second largest Solar Panel production in the EU.

The P&P Group offers local communities proposals for implementing programs to improve the environment through cleanup and environmental protection.
The group encourages its employees to initiate and participate in such actions. The P&P Group spreads awareness of responsible environmental management among its employees, business partners and other companies operating in the community.