Among other fields, P&P has expertise in medical (such as wearable and home defibrillators-AED), renewables (solar), agriculture (autonomous tractors), energy distribution (EV charging stations and advanced battery packs), EMS (electronic manufacturing services) and telecommunications.

Business Overview

P&P Group is known for the innovative, non-intrusive People Meter. 

It has also completed development of the smallest, wearable defibrillator so time for life-saving response to cardiac emergencies is minimized. This has the potential to save many lives by making it available in homes and on the person. 

This is in addition to a full range of engineering/development and high-quality advanced manufacturing in Europe that is competitive with Far East sources by engineering for cost reduction, minimizing inventory requirements due to shipping delays, faster turn-around development and very efficient manufacturing.



Advanced engineering, development

Advanced manufacturing, quality control

Medical products

Defibrillators (AED)

Green energy production

Energy storage and distribution

Agriculture technology



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