The P&P Group has implemented and maintains a Occupational health and safety System BS OHSAS 18001:2007.

We believee that satisfied, capable, skilled, motivated employees are key to achieving common goals. The P&P Group encourages an innovative and creative work environment. It encourages the creation of social networks in which individuals and their contributions are respected, regardless of their status, position, or responsibilities. There are equal employment opportunities for all social groups.


Always in search for new coworkers

We believe that the ideal candidate is neither under-qualified nor over-qualified for the tasks he has to perform, since the level of professional competences is highly correlated with the level of work motivation. Motivation has a thoroughly explored and extremely high impact on the quality of work performance of each employee. This link is of crucial importance, if we take into account that the total sum of individual efforts is what determines the success of each company.

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